May 2, 2012 / 7 notes


Thats right folks

I will be in the states…


For good this time lol

So long story short my french mom tried to go H.A.M. on me the other day

I mean she went IN

Tried to say that all I do is complain or make excuses for myself

Strike 1

Actually no, strike 1 was when she bombarded me right when I was at the door to leave the house with THE stankiest attitude i had ever seen from her

Strike 2 was when she said I do nothing but complain or make excuses for myself

Now i gave her a pass because I understood why she was upset…

I accidentally woke her up the night before by talking on the phone

My bad

In my defense I thought she was still downstairs. I hadn’t realized she had gone to bed

But before I could even try to apologize she just kept going on and on

It was like she had waited all damn day to come at me with this shit

Like she dreamt about telling me off the night before lol

Strike 3 was when after she said all that I was like, “ok” and then she said,

"No, its not ok its YES


Lady, who the FUCK do you think you’re talking to?

I have been wanting to leave your stupid house for the longest

The only reason I stayed here as long as I did in the first place was because you made it seem like you’d have nobody to watch your kids

I’m tired of your wack ass rules and the wack ass ways you run your family

And I’ll be damned if you’re gonna sit up here and talk to me like your MY mother???

Get thee the FUCK outta here!

So I packed all my shit and went to stay at my friends place

I booked my ticket and I will be home tomorrow

Sucks it had to end like this but hey,

c’est la vie

  1. elaborate-clarity said: aww i’m sorry that happened to you.
  2. merakiandmelaninblooms said: Sorry you had to deal with that. It’s crazy what happened, but you got the experience of living abroad, working with others (whether they were rude or not) and you’re DONE. You took a risk and stepped out of your comfort zone. You’ll be home soon! <3
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